EDIFY SCHOOL celebrated World Senior Citizens Day that was on the 1st of October this year with the Senior Citizens of the old age home, ‘Our Home’ in Bogmalo. The School Management, Teaching Staff and members of the PTA put together a lively programme. The programme commenced with the Teachers singing, followed by distribution of snacks, games, dancing and interaction with the senior citizens. It was overwhelming to see the enthusiasm with which the senior citizens participated in the programme. Some of them voluntarily entertained us as well with songs and dance. Provisions were donated to the home. It was truly a blessed and wonderful experience, just being with them and making that difference that was evident with the priceless smiles on their faces. The programme concluded by presenting a card made for the Senior Citizens by the Students of the School.

The event that was part of CSR initiative of the School was a huge success. Edify School also observed World Heart Day on the 29th of September, by educating the residents and passersby around the School premises with Tips for a Healthy Heart and Healthy Body that included exercise and following diet plans. The students of Grade 3 distributed pamphlets as well with information on the same. Besides this, Edify School has sponsored a Senior Citizens Park in Chicalim.