Edify School Goa

Ms Pythia Barretto – Augustine

Teachers - Big Hearts Shaping Little Minds ~ Pythia Barretto - Augustine A good school means different things to different people. For some, posh classrooms and excellent infrastructure, for others flexible timings, and for still others a vast and extensive curriculum. However, in my opinion, what differentiates a good school from a great school is the quality of teachers that shape the lives of the children they come in contact with. A school can have world class amenities and the best infrastructure, fabulous facilities and up-to-date curriculum, but all this falls apart completely if there are not enough good teachers to back it all up. Teachers are the glue that hold the whole school eco-system in place. In the course of a day, teachers spend more time with school-going children than many parents themselves. So, it is only natural that teachers have a greater influence on our children. Given the nature of the job they do, they are also seen as being more knowledgeable and many times ‘all knowing’. Through the ages parents often listen with dread to anything they say being countered with “but... teacher said.....” And that’s the end of that discussion!! No amount of proof to the contrary can change the little minds. It may be a changing trend now, but teaching has always been a profession more than a job. It is said that the influence of a good teacher cannot be erased. Many of the best teachers are remembered not because of the subject matter they taught - there’s always ‘Google’ for that!! The best teachers are remembered for how they made you feel, the life lessons they taught you and for the persons they were. At Edify, both my sons have been fortunate to have had excellent teachers. Teachers that educated with their hearts as well as their minds. Teachers that not only taught; but cared, encouraged and motivated. Teachers who looked at the classroom and saw individuals, not just a class full of kids to be taught. Teaching children is an accomplishment, getting children excited about learning is an accomplishment (~ Robert John Meehan); and I am grateful to all the teachers that have made it a joy for my boys to want to go to school everyday. For Edify to continue in the endeavour to be a great school and a school of choice, not just in Vasco but in Goa, the school needs to continue to have the kind of teachers they have always had. Teachers that motivate, guide and enlighten. Teachers that touch lives forever and help shape better minds, better hearts, a better world! An interesting quote I just read sums this all up “You cannot put students first if you put teachers last”.